Terrific Trilogy! <3

Read the works of a friend from abroad and finally read all three! Loved every word, every scene, everything. Perfect balance of romance, suspense and plot twists and drama to keep you on your toes. Mollie Blake truly delivers elegant, yet steamy romance with a darker, more mysterious twist. Need a good series this summer? Snatch these up and get cozy, you will be in your seat for a while, you won’t want to be disturbed ❀


Must Read Books-August

Here are some recommendations for romance readers or just bookworms in general. Here are what I would consider MUST reads for the month of August!


I absolutely ADORED The Controversial Princess! I just adore Jodi and she truly delivered this time and more than eager to delve into His True Queen soon! Another one of my fave authors, Kylie Scott recently released her newest title “It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time” and sounds like another true wonder by her mastery of words and romance! Lastly, I just about recommend anything written by the dynamic duo, Christina Lauren, and I’m won over by “Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating.” Read this and ensure your august is filled with fun, laughter, sighs, cries, occasional emotional rage, and more sighs.

pleasant reading and happy #BookLoversDay


Yes! Torn by You is now available on the Chapters/Indigo website thanks to Leah, who I have been wonderfully acquainted with as of late! I will be doing my best to work my way to have the promotion, book signing and paperback release to hit the shelves in my hometown for the fall, as planned, and eventually organize a similar event for the Chapters in my current home of Kingston, ON! For now, the ebook and paperback are sold only online with a 11 and 17% discount!


much love


Nook Book users!

A friendly reminder to all those who shop on Barnes and Noble, and use e-readers, that Torn by You is now available on the Barnes & Noble Nook Books section! You can find the link on the top right with the rest of the icons and links at the very end! Enjoy! And Happy 4th of July to the US! Have a fun and safe holiday!

Also, Happy Birthday to Allyssa Bell of Torn by You!Β  If she were real, she’d be 26 today!

A Month Full of Blessings!


What a month you were for achievements and progression in my newfound career! Torn by You is truly taking on the world by storm and so soon! Not only has it finally progressed from the Lulu website onto the Apple, Amazon, Kindle, and Kobo market as well as other worldwide sites, but it has now reached a 4.86/5 star rating average on Goodreads and has become popular in my hometown! Which warms my heart beyond reason! Lastly, it is in the process of falling into the shelves of the Coles/Indigo bookstore in my hometown of Pembroke! A book signing and promo will also be scheduled in Pembroke, ON, in the near future! Keep your eyes peeled for that opening!

A big thank you to all who have helped and been supportive along the way! You know who you all are. So much love xo


Feeling the Hype!!!

Oh, my god! Out of no where, hope blossomed in what seems like overnight after so many months of effort, now rewarded! Not only have I received so many great reviews from my first few customers, but the ebook is now available on the Apple store, and soon on B&N Nook, Kobo, and Kindle!!! Feel so blessed, thank you to everyone!

Extending the Fire and Ice Series!

*Sigh* Just when I thought I could only create five in the Fire and Ice Series, another character had to pick my interest and demand for their full story to be told. With the original trilogy “Torn by You, Long for You and Belong to You”, Kian’s point of view of book one “Torn From You”, and Kian’s story of his past “Ominous Prelude”, I now officially caved into creating “Denied of a Life: Heather Clarke’s Story”Β πŸ˜‰Β So, here is the sixth book to be created! (photo creds to: Natalia Sartor de Moraes)


The “Do-over”

Failing isn’t making mistakes…Failing is acknowledging your mistakes and doing nothing about it. Perhaps third time is the charm for this project haha I don’t know where my brain was from 2015-2017, but I am a far more experienced proofreader/editor than I was then and it makes my OCD hurt lmao luckily, the ebook will be re-released May 2nd and the paperback will be on May 12th. Practice makes perfect. It only means Long for You will be released a lot sooner than what it took for Torn by You to come out.

Thank you for your patience,